What to expect?

Purpose Health Consulting inspires its clients to discover their motivation and awaken their sense of purpose. Purpose Health offers services for employees to effectively balance their personal and professional lives for a more meaningful work experience. Using a team of therapists, life coaches, motivational speakers, relationship experts, and massage therapists, Purpose Health achieves the following outcomes:

Peace of Mind: A calm mindset to accept life’s challenges gracefully

Sense of Purpose: An understanding of how your actions help you achieve your goals

Motivation and Determination: Energy and resilience to ignite your passion

Personal Transformation: Rediscovery of love for your relationships and environment

Empowerment: Finding your inner leader and helping to inspire others

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Meet The Team

Mike stand
Michael Maitre

Leading Certified Professional Coach, public speaker, author and CEO of Purpose Health Consulting has reached hundreds of executives, professionals and industry leaders with his dynamic message of living authentically and with purpose in the corporate marketplace and in personal life.

For business leaders, organizations and teams to maximize potential and achieve goals it’s critical to discover inspiration and real purpose in everyday tasks—yet professionals typically spend little time exploring this foundation.

Maître’s mission: empowering others to leverage the culmination of life’s experiences to live intentionally and with purpose.

As a consultant, Maitre has developed tailored wellness solutions to dozens of organizations seeking to invest in employee health and retention. His trademark ‘WorkLife Balance’ concept focuses on smart prioritizing of career ambition and lifestyle.

As a corporate keynote speaker and facilitator of team workshops and individual coaching sessions, Maître shares results-driven insights and practical tips for individuals and teams to amplify ambition and become top performers personally and professionally.

Raised on the East Coast in Boston, Massachusetts and now based in the Los Angeles area, Maitre is the author of “Every Muscle of My Soul” and a soon-to-be-released second book, “Reflections,” a compilation of short motivational stories, anecdotes and inspirations for the corporate workplace.

In addition to his certification as a professional coach, Maitre holds a degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters in Health Informatics and Administration and is co-founder and Vice President of Earth Light, a humanitarian non-profit dedicated to global social improvement and the development of third world countries.

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